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Our latest project that assists small businesses bring their business online is the 2010 Social Media Marketing Conference, Atlanta, GA, March 12-14, 2010.

This Conference shows you how to market your product or service online using free social media tools and inexpensive blogs whether you sell music, a museum, mallets or make-overs.

Internet consumers have grown more sophisticated. Internet marketers need to grow with them. To build a successful business, there are a lot of new social media tools and techniques you need to discover.

I am Phil Cullum, host of the Conversations with Marketers show. With my business partners, Gina Gaudio-Graves and Dr. Ron Capps (aka The NicheProf), I have organized the upcoming 2010 Social Media Marketing Workshop, so that we and the people who mentored us could show others how to use the internet to sell their products as we use it to sell ours.

For example, freelance musicians, composers, lyricists and arrangers need a cost-effective way to market their music. The traditional studio/record label system makes musicians captives of big corporations. The internet provides a way for you to directly reach your customers, if you only know the right way to use it. The same is true for other specialties, too (accountants, consultants, restaurants, real estate agents, etc.)

At the workshop you will discover(staying with the music example, although, again, the principles apply to nearly any niche, not just music):

All these topics and many more are critical you your business success online. The 2010 Social Media Marketing Workshop will not just teach you; it will lead you by the hand in actually building your online presence so your success is not left to chance.

We all come from different walks of life... different backgrounds... different experiences that have all combined to put us exactly where we're at right now. In fact, you are here-reading these words-because every action you've ever taken... every decision you've ever made in the past... has put you here wishing for something different... wanting something more than you have right now...

Let me ask you this...

What Is That "Something" For You?

Is it:

Whatever it is that YOU want, you can have it when you take the right actions to get it.

And thanks to the generous cooperation of our participating mentors, this workshop offers you the most powerful internet tools and techniques in history, tips and secrets only the best marketers have learned. Perhaps they will be your ticket out of your slump and into a satisfying career...

Maybe you have heard of these mentors who will be leading the sessions. If not, Google them. You will be surprised in how many references to them you find. The are at the top of the internet training field.

Each of these mentors is a long-time internet marketer. The depth of talent leading this workshop is amazing.

It's hard to imagine any question on marketing a business on the internet that someone on this team couldn't answer.

If you want to develop more effective marketing for your business success, it's time to sign up at http://YourSocialMarketingWorkshop.com/

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